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Xbox Price List for Consoles and Controllers in India [February 2024]

Check out Xbox prices and reviews for an expansive selection of Xbox consoles, controllers, and other accessories. From the high-performance Xbox Series X and the compact yet powerful Xbox Series S, to the advanced Xbox Wireless Controller, and a wide range of immersive gaming accessories, Xbox has something for every gamer. Be sure to take advantage of the Xbox sales events, offering substantial savings and the opportunity to acquire top-notch gaming products at discounted prices. As a cornerstone in the gaming industry, Xbox consistently delivers high-definition gaming, robust multiplayer experiences, and an extensive library of games, catering to a wide spectrum of gaming preferences.

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- 14% Xbox Series S/X Controller
5,990.00 + 1 more
Xbox Series S/X Controller

Xbox Series S/X Controller

- 23% Xbox One Controller
6,890.00 + 1 more
Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Controller

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**Intro Paragraph:** Xbox, a pivotal facet of the Indian gaming scene, has consistently pushed the envelope of interactive entertainment. Offering a range of advanced gaming consoles such as the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One, it has captivated the Indian gaming community. Accompanied by a plethora of controllers, including the feature-rich Xbox Wireless Controller, and a diverse array of gaming accessories, Xbox has made an indelible mark. With standout features like high-fidelity graphics, backward compatibility, Xbox Game Pass, and a robust multiplayer network, Xbox caters to the diverse needs of Indian gamers. Additionally, Xbox sales online have become a boon for gamers, offering substantial savings on consoles, controllers, and accessories, thus fostering an affordable, high-quality gaming culture across India. **About Xbox in India:** Microsoft's Xbox brand has become an integral part of India's dynamic gaming landscape. Since the introduction of the original Xbox console, Xbox has evolved to meet and exceed the expectations of Indian gamers with cutting-edge technology and expansive game libraries. With its continuous innovation in hardware, software, and network services, Xbox remains at the forefront of the gaming industry in India. Localization efforts, tailored marketing strategies, and access to the Xbox Live network have all helped Xbox firmly establish itself within the Indian gaming ecosystem. Today, Xbox is regarded as a top-quality gaming brand in India, persistently innovating to provide a rich and immersive gaming experience for its growing community of gamers. a) **Xbox Sales – A Haven for Online Savings:** Xbox sales offer a grand opportunity for gamers to save significantly when shopping online for gaming consoles, controllers, and accessories. These sales events often feature dramatic reductions in prices, making top-of-the-line gaming gear more affordable for the broad public. From consoles like the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X to a vast range of controllers and gaming accessories, these sales cover a comprehensive product range. Moreover, the sales often feature enticing bundle deals, providing the console, games, and accessories together at a reduced price, enabling gamers to secure their entire gaming setup at a bargain. b) **Popular Xbox Products at Best Prices:** Xbox sales bring to the forefront an extensive range of popular gaming products. Consoles like the Xbox Series S, known for its compactness and affordability, and the Xbox Series X, lauded for its unrivaled performance, become more accessible during these sales. Controllers, like the innovative Xbox Wireless Controller, renowned for its advanced ergonomics and customizable features, also witness price cuts. Accessories, including Xbox-compatible headsets, gaming chairs, and external hard drives, are offered at competitive prices, allowing gamers to enhance their gaming setup without breaking the bank. c) **Xbox Sale Popularity During the Festive Shopping Season:** In India, the festive season is a time of grand celebrations and shopping sprees, and the gaming world is no different. Xbox seizes upon this festive momentum by organizing sales during major festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, and Christmas. These sales are immensely popular within the gaming community, with an exponential surge in purchases as gamers take advantage of the festive discounts to buy their desired gaming gear. d) **Shopping for Xbox at Best Prices – Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Controllers, and More:** When it comes to buying Xbox products, such as the Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, controllers, and a multitude of gaming accessories, Xbox sales provide the most cost-effective solution. These sales events not only ensure that these cutting-edge consoles are available at discounted prices but also ensure controllers like the Xbox Wireless Controller and accessories like Xbox-compatible headsets are more affordable. By keeping an eye out for these sales, gamers can secure the best gaming gear at the best possible prices.
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